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Eviction Protection Plans for Your Rental Properties in East Brunswick

Eviction Protection Plans for Your Rental Properties in East Brunswick

If you are considering embarking on the eviction process for your tenant, you are not the only one. Evictions have jumped up across New Jersey, especially at the lower end of the rental market. However, an eviction is never a process that should be pursued lightly.

New Jersey has a stringent approach to eviction law, and any hasty eviction will also risk reputational, financial, and regulatory penalties for your business. With this in mind, make sure to read these essential tips for building solid eviction protection plans in East Brunswick.

Eviction Protection Starts with Tenant Screening

If you want to build an eviction protection plan that will serve you well, you need to begin before any tenant moves in. The most effective way to cover your bases is with robust, professional, and legally-sound tenant screening.

Tenant screening allows you to get a detailed picture of a tenant's ability to pay, their behavior, and their previous track record. By taking your tenant screening seriously, you can drastically reduce the chance of ever having to consider eviction proceedings.

A Clear, Unambiguous Lease Agreement

Should you ever need to evict, your chances of doing so smoothly and in a legally sound manner will often hinge on the lease agreement. This is what you and your tenant have signed up for, and is the only document that will detail the circumstances in which a tenant can be evicted.

This is why it is essential to draw up a lease agreement covering all eventualities, is completely clear, and leaves zero room for ambiguity or interpretation. Always consult an expert property management service for help in drawing up an airtight lease agreement.

A Full Understanding of the Law

As mentioned, eviction law in the State of New Jersey is more stringent than in many other states. For example, you can begin any eviction proceedings against a tenant for any reason unless you first obtain both a judgment and a warrant from the courts.

In addition, only a special "civil part officer" is legally able to perform the eviction on behalf of the landlord. Failure to follow these strict rules can result in you losing your ability to operate as a landlord, and can even result in serious legal action being taken against you.

Communication is Always Key

No matter your reason for initiating eviction proceedings, your success depends on communication. Always communicate all requests in a timely, well-documented manner. This includes your own communication with regard to maintenance requests and repairs.

Always give plenty of advance warning to a tenant regarding any potential changes in their living situation. If things do go to the courts, having a paper trail of professional, timely communication will prove vital.

Consult Local Property Management Experts

Evictions are never easy, and they're never a landlord's first choice of action. However, with the right eviction protection plan in place, you can minimize your liabilities and undertake this process in a way that ensures the best possible outcome. For this, we can help.

At CMS Property Management, we offer tenant screening, lease agreement support, and fully outsourced eviction admin. Get in touch to find out how we can help you get this right.