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Why You Should Offer a Tenant Portal to Renters in East Brunswick

Why You Should Offer a Tenant Portal to Renters in East Brunswick

Are you struggling with consistent tenant turnover?

Long-term tenants deliver higher ROI returns, saving property owners the cost of remarketing their properties and tenant procurement services.

Noticing these increasing rates is the first step towards fixing the problem. Next is pinpointing the roots of the issue. Causes include rising rent prices, inconsistent maintenance, and the lack of lease renewal strategies.

It may be time to invest in more tenant-landlord relation strategies, as well.

Integrating a tenant portal into your tenant experience strategy is an excellent way to improve communication, streamline payments, and market your properties, resulting in lower turnover.

Learn more about the benefits of tenant portal software

Accept Multiple Forms Of Rent Payments

Accepting more than paper checks as rent is a fantastic way to attract tenants and retain loyal ones. Paper checks can be cumbersome to deal with, especially if tenants have to mail them to their landlord or drop them off at an office location.

Instead, tenants can log into an online portal to pay their rent with a credit card, debit card, or checking account. These portals make rent collection much easier. In turn, landlords can better manage their financial accounting; digital payments are easier to track and analyze.

You can also run reports to see which forms of payment are most popular with tenants. If you work with an experienced property manager, you don't have to worry about any numbers slipping through the cracks as financial accounting is a part of their job.

Optimize Your Marketing By Advertising a Tenant Portal

More people prefer to do business online instead of visiting a brick-and-mortar office. A tenant portal is an excellent sales tactic when showing rentals during open houses. You can also include this detail in your real estate listings.

You need a professional website to host your tenant portal. Your website should include contact information, services, and information about amenities.

Rather than building your own site, it's much easier to work with a property management company. For example, CMS property management already has its own website with a list of services, including tenant portals. Simply direct your tenants and leads to this website; there, they'll find the tenant portal.

Tenants also have access to a maintenance portal where they can submit requests for repairs, property inspections, and upgrades. Property managers are also available to respond to repair emergencies.

Improve Tenant-Landlord Communication

Communication is a cornerstone of every turnover reduction strategy. Great tenants slip through the cracks due to slow maintenance request responses, landlord miscommunication, rent collection mistakes, and other issues.

Property management companies allow tenants to leave messages for landlords online. Landlords can also post important information for tenants and prospective leads. Tenants also have access to resource pages to improve their experience.

Integrate Portal Software Today

Go back and think about the benefits of integrating a tenant portal into your tenant experience strategy. Think about the benefits of more rent collection payments, marketing possibilities, and improved communication.

We want to help you decrease your turnover rates and attract more tenants with portal software. Learn more about our services or contact us today to speak to us directly.